Beyond the claim, the dedicated vulnerable people team at connected company asb law LLP, is available to provide longer-term support for those who lack capacity to look after issues for themselves.

Led by a Partner, who is a specialist in Court of Protection financial and health matters, we act as part of a client’s advisory team, offering support in relation to:

  • Arranging for support mechanisms, such as an Attorney or Court appointed Deputy to be put in place
  • Advising families on how to provide for a vulnerable person both now and in the future
  • Management and administration of trusts
  • Advising on entitlements, state funded care and related asset protection
  • The day-to-day management of affairs.

We are also able to provide a full range of additional services, such as employment advice relating to carers etc. and family advice in respect of divorce.

To start a conversation with a member of our team, please call us on 0345 521 4545.